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chinesemovies is a community to discuss Chinese movies, actors and directors. If you're a fan of Zhang Yimou's work or think Ang Lee is one of the greatest directors of all time, then this is the community for you!

Please check out our community rules below before joining and feel free to introduce yourself using our questionnaire. (coming soon)

What's Allowed Here?

To appeal to a wider audience, chinesemovies allows discussion on movies/actors/directors not only from mainland China, but also from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. If the movie's in a Chinese dialect, its main cast is mostly Chinese or its was largely funded by one of the above countries or nations, then it can be talked about at this community. General discussions on Chinese-language movies are also allowed as are reviews and news about existing or upcoming films.


1) Stay on topic! This is not the place for learning the Chinese language, discussing Chinese TV shows or posting icons. Posts considered to be off-topic may be deleted.
2) Respect other members' views and do not flame or harrass anyone as this will get you banned. Be nice. =)
3) Feel free to introduce yourself when you join and maybe even fill out the questionnaire below (coming soon)
4) Don't post any illegal material here, such as MP3s or movie files. Links to trailers or movie clips on other sites is OK.
5) If you have a community which is relevant to this one, then feel free to ask me before advertising it here.
6) Posts should be primarily in English. If you want to use Chinese, then please add an English translation for those who don't know the language.
7) Just have fun and feel free to ask if you have any questions about the community or its members! =)


If you want to become an affiliate of this community, feel free to contact me and we'll see what can be arranged. ;)

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