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Summer Program in Chinese Film 2008 [Feb. 24th, 2008|12:21 pm]
Chinese Movies


Relatively short notice on this one, but this program seems to have built up good momentum. If you're unable to apply this year, you may want to keep it in mind for future summers.

March 8 deadline approaching!

The Summer Program in Chinese Film History and Criticism will take place at the Beijing Film Academy. The program is especially well suited for upper-level undergraduates who intend to continue their studies in Chinese cinema, and for graduate students and professors who plan to teach courses involving films.

The Summer Program in Chinese Film History and Criticism will be hosted for the third consecutive year at the Beijing Film Academy on June 30 - July 27, 2008. Students worldwide are welcome to the program, administered through the University of Washington. 12 quarter credits are transferable to other institutions. No knowledge of Chinese is required.

The courses will be taught by professors from outside Asia (including Chris Berry and Yomi Braester) and a variety of faculty from the Beijing Film Academy. The program also includes meetings with filmmakers. The program cost (including tuition and lodging) is $3,200 + registration fee. The application deadline is March 8. Eearly application is encouraged.

The curriculum includes the following courses:
* Independent Chinese cinema
* Chinese Cinema and the Nation
* Beijing Prepares for the Olympics in Film and Media
* Chinese New Media
* Gender in Chinese cinema
* Film Theory: A Comparative Look

Please visit our web site at http://faculty.washington.edu/yomi/bfa for further details on curriculum and application procedures. Questions should be addressed to the program director, Yomi Braester, by email: yomi@u.washington.edu.

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